Steve Rogers - Steve is the founder of Lake Erie Paranormal located in Toledo, OH. Steve has been interested in the paranormal for over 10 years and really started taking it serious around 2006. His interest of the unknown has led him to several haunted locations across the country that include Mansfield Reformatory, Fort Mifflin, and Prospect Place to name a few. He has had several personal experiences throughout his time as a paranormal investigator that cannot be explained which helps fuel his desire to search for more answers.  


Shawn McMahon -  Shawn is the co-host of Into the Dark Radio and team leader with Lake Erie Paranormal since November of 2009. He has had an interest in the paranormal ever since he had his own personal experience of seeing his grandfathers apparition 15 years ago the night he passed. With Lake Erie Paranormal, he has investigated several residential and commercial locations throughout Ohio and Michigan.