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0 Comments DOOMSDAY w/ John E.L. Tenney
Posted by Steve on December 17, 2012 at 12:23 AM

On this episode we are honored to welcome back to the show one of our close friends, John Tenney. John is recognized world wide with his Weird Lectures tour along with his podcast " Realm of the Weird ". John was also a cast member on A&E's Paranormal State: The New Class. With the Mayan prophecy right around the corner we talk to John about a variety of doomsday scenarios from the Mayans to religious predictions & conspiracy theories & everything in bewtween. On top of doomsday talk we also chat about the current state of the paranormal community. We apologize for the choppy audio at times during this interview. For more information on John Tenney please check out his website at

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